BLOCKS builder FAQ

I just buy block few months ago and now y can see that hace a upgrade, 

how can i upgrade my current version?
 - You can get updates through the service where you purchased Blocks via your account dashboard on reseller service/market,  if you are having some difficulties with this, send us a request with proof of payment and we will send you updates directly to your email, and add you email to  list of updates

Can I use this on a 2006 iMac running 10.75 OS or an iPad
- Yes you can run BLOCKS on any system, all as you needed to run it in any standard browser, we recommend Chrome browser. As soon as we make improvements and you can also use the on Tablets(iPads and Android too)

Hello, Just for $ 49 for how long?
 - $49 - for lifetime license for this desktop BLOCKS script version. 

Can  I make my own templates from scratch?
- Yes you can do your own templates on BLOCKS, than export/import it to BLOCKS editor. format

 Is there a demo test?
You can try demo here
Read more about BLOCKS here

I didn't realize I can't save a reload.
- You can save your template through the export function in a special BLOCKS  format (*.qbx). Then you can open your template for editing via the import function in the menu File / Import. You can open only those files that you have previously exported in a special BLOCKS format (available only in version 2.0.2.) 
Please do not try to import files in third-party formats or ordinary html files, because you can get an error and the program may stop responding

I lost my bootstraptor files after download. Can i re-download the files?
- You can update or re-download new files on a reseller service  where you purchased BLOCKS, or Please send us payment confirmation of the service where you bought Blocks and we will send you a direct link. 

We saw your product tutorial for Blocks version : 2.0. That seems interesting but there is no demo link mentioned. Could you kindly provide a demo link for the product?
- Try demo here

How to save a site built with BLOCKS framework for publishing on the Internet?
- You sould to save the file created in the BLOCKS in standart *.html format to MyProjects folder  which you can find an archive with Blocks. Then just upload all the folder's contents including your html file to your server via FTP client (eg FileZilla) or via the file manager in your hosting panel.

I can't figure out how to edit the underlying CSS. For example, I want to change the background image on a "header" and but it seems to be defined as part of a CLASS. However, choosing Edit CSS brings up a blank box. How do I update individual graphics?
- You can write your own CSS(style) rules through the CSS editor in BLOCKS.  To create a rule with a background picture for the sections previously saved image with a background in the appropriate folder ,  and then create a CSS rule which will include a link to this picture with the conditional link to this folder or absolute link to the resource pictures posted on the Internet, but the local version there are a number of restrictions on the file system.

Could you provide a tutorial on how to set up the BLOCKS portfolio? How to make categories and tags for photos so the categories can work in the portfolio.
- Portfolio based on the Isotope script, unfortunately while you can customize tags and categories only in the html code. You can see the full manual here  we plan to automate the creation of categories in the next update 2.1.0 thanks

I bought BLOCKS, and the kit "Bootstrap 3.0 Starter Kit PRO. 35 Responsive Templates" how do I integrate the kit and the templates?
- Yes it is possible, but you should have for that some skills in web development and knowledge of html and css. Than you can copy / paste the html/css code from any templates to the BLOCKS through the html/css/javascript code editors.  Than you can Export template in BLOCKS format, after exporting you my Import template to BLOCKS later to edit it

After updating my program does not work or does not work properly
After the start app.html file, and the full load of the program in your browser, 
clear the cache on your browser and reload the page again. 
See how to clear cache ( or here's-Cache)
This should remove any version conflicts.

After updating my add-ons  does not work or does not work properly
If you installed add-ons, please try again install 
add-ons according to instructions that you can find 
in the Add-ons archive folder .

I might be a little confused, so help me out. I think what you are saying is that there is a new set of Blocks add-ons (set#3) which can be automatically loaded into the BLOCKS development sidebar. Correct? 
Yes it is correct. in the #3 addon blocks will be integrated into developer Sidebar once you add them , than you can use it every time in the app , 
Integration is simple - go to /app_root_folder/ addons/add2 open it and replace all files in this folder to files from new addon file, in this folder you can see ba2.js file and Previews folder, remove it all with new addon files. (So it might little tricky, but that only way to do do this in local machine with browser based local application,

The basic idea of the second addon from the first and the third is that the javascripts and styles sheets of relating blocks downloaded to each block separately (not to app js/css core), only when necessary (when your open/import block file in app), you can see it in some of the blocks after the opening / import in the code editors in app. 
It's a bit complicated mechanics of adding blocks than drag from sidebar, but greatly expands the possibilities of mixing blocks(maybe little similar to the modern web-component logic). 
At the same time do not have to increase the js/css core of the BLOCKS framework and not to download large library of scripts and styles to saved website template, It also shows that you can just open files, and re-use them in future. So you can create your own block sections with script ans css, and them reused them when you need. Similar to #2 addon. 

What about online version?

All of the BLOCKS local version disadvantages is eliminated in the online version . We also decided to replace drag of the blocks from sidebar to a simple choice from big window gallery, find secions with tags, and insert by click,
and tried make a selection of sections more comfortable It seems to us, but we'd love to hear your opinion, is the most important information for us, your history of use of the product) video demo 

Also you could create any blocks, templates, (with any scripts and styles, images, ) any snippets, than mix it add they like componets to any curent project from this projects gallery

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